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Here is how it works!

       When we were younger we would head out to the local card shop and purchase a pack of cards and hope for the best. A typical box would have anywhere from 20+ packs of cards. With box breaking, it's different, as a lot of the highest value and most sought after boxes now contain only 1 or 2 packs or CARDS! Rather than buying into a box of cards by purchasing packs, the idea is to purchase a team for a box break. Using football as an example, there are 32 teams in the NFL, thus 32 teams that can be purchased for each box that is broken.
       Now here comes the fun part! Once you purchase a team, you get to sit back, relax and watch us "break" open the box live!  And every card that is revealed during that box break that corresponds to the team that you received via purchase will ship to you so you can add to your personal collection!
      We offer both Random and Pick Your Team breaks (PYT). For Random: Once you purchase your team into a box break and all 32 teams for that box get sold, we will take everyone that purchased into that box and list them on a spreadsheet in no particular order.  Live on the air, we will then take that list of everyone's names and randomize them on RANDOM.ORG 5 times to determine the final order.  Once the list is randomized we will attach the new list to another list of all 32 NFL teams that are in alphabetical order.  At this time your team will be slotted with the team that you will have for that box break. For Pick Your Team: It is that simple, you get to pick your team and make your purchase for your spot!


Easy enough?  Well now that you are an expert on box breaks, go get yourself some spots in the breaks!

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